Proven by PLIANCE

Proven by PlianceKent & Masters saddles underwent an intensive dynamic test programme using the combined technology of the Pliance and Centaur Biomechanics systems.

The Pliance sensor mat, with more than 200 sensors, is placed under the saddle and sends readings to a computer using Bluetooth. These are analysed and displayed as 3 moving graphs and a colour image – with ‘hot’ red or pink areas indicating harmful pressure points. Pliance gathers data through all paces including jumping*. Across all activities, Kent & Masters produced excellent results with no high pressure points.

*The Kent & Masters Jump saddle was the first saddle ever to be tested over a 1.40m fence.

Kent & Masters GP Saddle
(Averaged Peak Pressure at Trot)

Another Brand of GP Saddle
(Averaged Peak Pressure at Trot)

  • Colours are even left and right and continuous throughout the length of the panel indicating a balanced pressure distribution
  • Large proportion of the mat is coloured showing the extent of panel contact with the horse’s back and a superior weight bearing area
  • The hotter the colour the higher the peak pressures - light blue (1.40psi) is the highest colour recorded which demonstrates a very low peak pressure
Pliance testing results
  • Pressure distribution is both asymmetric left and right and also unbalanced front and back
  • A small proportion of the mat is coloured, proving that the panels have a small contact area
  • The pink and red readings indicate high pressure points which will cause soreness over an extended period


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Plianec Trot


Plianec Trot


Plianec Trot

Jumping 1.40m