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General Purpose

This superior S-Series saddle will suit you if you prefer to concentrate on flatwork, dressage and hacking instead of jumping. It has a generous seat for riders who like the feel of ‘more room’ in the seat, or if you are slightly wider in the hips. It has a univeral fit and can be suitable for many conformation types including high wither.

This superior S-Series saddle offers an alternative to our Compact GP – it has wider, flatter seat and will suit you if you like the feel of ‘more room’ in the seat. It has a univeral fit and can be suitable for many conformation types. Also availabe in high-wither panel option.

This superior S-Series GP saddle offers a different feel to our Original GP and petite, slim riders or those with narrower hips may feel it suits them better. It is avilable in three panel options - low, medium or high wither. The seat is compact and neat, which means it a great option for the petite rider on a large pony or small horse. The cut is forward enough to accommodate a jumping leg position – making it a really versatile saddle.

This saddle is designed to offer a fitting solution for riders of cob-type horses with a low-withered, flat-backed conformation, but who want to enjoy a ittle more jumping or even hunting. It is also suitable for horses with a little more wither and an average barrel, such as Dutch Warmbloods. 

This GP saddle is ideal for low withered and flat backed horses, such as cob types. It is a great option if you are looking for an all round saddle for hacking, jumping and some schooling.